Our ready prepared range saves busy chef’s time, reduces waste and makes portion control very easy.

Ralph Livesey Ltd have a team of highly skilled individuals who take the freshest ingredients and give them the same level of care and attention that you would. Our ready prepared products can be an extension of your own team. Our team are ready and waiting to prepare produce to your exact specifications ensuring perfect consistency at all times.

This is what we can do with fresh Seasonal Vegetables – We can trim, peel, slice, chop, dice, cube, grate, shred, julienne,  fondant, chateaux, parisienne, baton, wedge, soffrito, ribbon and the list goes on… 

Oh! We nearly forgot to mention we do the following with fresh juicy fruits – Zest, Dice, Wedge, Fan, Parisienne, Slice, Peel & Segment

Too many products & options to list!

There are hundreds of products to choose from, too many to list them all. If you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call and our Ready Prepared Specialist will drop by to discuss how we can help you produce your current menu using seasonal produce prepared by us.

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